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Southchester IP Optimum Income Fund

Type: Multi-Asset Income CIS

Inception: April 2015


The Fund’s objective is to offer a competitive dividend yielding investment with very low volatility which will closely track the Rand’s short-term interest rate cycle. The Fund aims to consistently outperform the average after-tax return of comparable low risk interest yielding investments. The target market includes corporates, high net worth individuals and trusts.

Entity Type

Class Type

Date as of

July 1 2024

Southchester IP Optimum Income Fund


% Interest Paid  Out

Interest Tax Rate

Dividend Tax Rate

Income Fund Alternative


% Interest Paid  Out


Net After Tax Return


Pre Tax Equivalent Yield



Net After Tax Return


Pre Tax Equivalent Yield


The Seven day rolling yield is determined by including the income earned by the fund during a seven day period less any management fees incurred during those seven days.

The Net after-tax return is determined using the following assumptions:  an income tax rate of 27% on interest re companies, and an income tax rate of 45% on interest and a dividends tax rate of 20%, re individuals (and trusts).

The Pre-tax equivalent return is the quantum of interest an investor would need to receive to attain the Net after-tax return presented above. The Pre-tax equivalent return is calculated using the formula: Total return after tax divided by (1 – income tax rate).

Please refer to the main disclaimer included in this website and the Minimum Disclosure Document produced for this fund.

All calculations included in this site, as well as the quoted rates and projected future amounts, are purely indicative. The actual rates will be confirmed when an actual investment is made. Neither Southchester nor its staff members may be held accountable for any reliance placed on any of the figures obtained from this website and none of the projected benefits are in any way guaranteed. Whilst the projections take both historical and current yields into account, future market returns, and yields remain uncertain. Past performance does not indicate future performance.

Any user of this website indemnifies Southchester and its personnel against any loss or liability, of whatsoever nature, that may be caused or brought about, directly or indirectly, as a result of the using this calculator.  As stated elsewhere, the information presented in this website should not in any way be construed as financial, legal or income tax advice. You are encouraged to therefore seek your own professional advice.

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