Andra Greyling

Andra’s career in fixed income investment and trading started in 1988. Andra has worked for the likes of Investec, Senbank, Saambou Bank, Old Mutual-Treasury, SECHOLD, Cadiz Investment Bank and Rand Merchant Bank. She has a B.Comm Business Economics and a B.Comm Honours in Investment Management degrees.

During her career she has on occasions served as the head of treasury, member of EXCO and member of the remuneration committee. Her passion is trading and client interaction.

While at Rand Merchant Bank, Andra set up and managed a ZAR 16 billion proprietary money market repo portfolio – the only one of its kind in South Africa. The repo portfolio provided opportunities to also trade in fixed income derivatives for both speculative and hedging purposes. Currently Andra jointly manages the Southchester (RF) Limited fixed income portfolio and the Rocksolid Fixed Income Hedge Fund.

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